Monday, 16 April 2012

The Qemists

I first heard of  The Qemists in 2009 I think, I heard Stompbox (Spor Remix) one night after I came home drunk think it was on dnbradio or something along those lines not sure, but absolutely loved it.
it's a borderline insane tune but at the same time just an amazing track, with my drunkenness taking it to the next level around the 2 minute mark -grin.
I then went on to listening to their Join The Q album and it became a regular on my iPod, listened to it many many times!
Didnt like most of their song off their 2010 album not listened to it much

Heres some tracks, enjoyyyy

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  1. My favourite is Drop Audio track. I like only the original of Stompbox. Nice post. And also I hate the new stuff they play. I liked them when they did Join The Q album.

  2. Love DnB, The Qemists really change the way DnB is, sounds awesome!