Monday, 2 April 2012

Amen Break

The Amen Break 

The Winstons
The Amen Break! you may be wondering what is the Amen break? well no doubt you have heard it before as it is sampled in an unbelievable amount of songs it was originally from a a soul record back in 1969 by Gregory Coleman From the 60s Soul band The Winstons.
The break is a 6 second snippet from a track called "Amen, Brother"

Amen Break Clip

(4 seconds in)
I hope I did that right and the clip works lol my coding knowledge is zero.
(nope it didnt work put link there now)

Anyway this break has been used in many songs since the day it was first recorded like in many old school rave tracks, and early hip hop and was a cornerstone of music in the 90's and has had a big influence on many genres of music including drum and bass and still used in music today.

Its not just used in music, ever seen Futurama? then you have heard it the start of every episode! It has been used by Amy Winehouse, Oasis, Prodigy, N.W.A, Dillinja the list of artists and genres goes on.

Although this break has been used for so much music the band and the drummer Gregory Coleman died in September 2006 and never received any money for the use of the break.
I think the break is great even in its original form!

Here are some dnb tracks for you :)

This is one of the first 10 or so Dnb tunes I was introduced to

TeeBee vs. Future Prophecies - Dimensional Entity (Evol Intent Remix)

Pendulum - Tarantula

Future Prophecies - Plastic Dreams


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  1. Interesting piece of information, I've definitely heard it before! Keep up these post man!

  2. I love this music and your posts man !

  3. huh that i didnt know. nice one!
    also are you a liquid dnb only fan?

    1. :) no i like all dnb, well not too fond of breakbeat
      but i prefer liquid

  4. Cool backstory. Who'd have thought a snippet of music would have such an effect?

  5. Really glad I found this blog. I am a junglist from the original NYC jungle scene. Just a fanboy but I was there for some killer parties... I used to be into all forms of D and B. But I became a recording engineer and some of dnb tracks just sound awful. I haven't heard too much new stuff in the last few years. The last newer stuff I was getting into was Pendulum,DJ Fresh,TC all mostly 2006-2008 stuff... Oh yeah and chase and status... I like dubstep but not all that much. it is time for DNB to take over!

  6. Hadn't listened to D'n'B apart from Mt Eden I think (the works that he did before he started making dubstep). Gonna follow to get more concious about this music!

  7. pendulum is still going strong!

  8. Another great post! Keep it up!!/MemeDoctor

  9. Not really my kind of dnb if I'm honest

  10. i love the pics in the videos

  11. Love Pendulum, saw them live last year!

  12. Good music man.
    Follow me back and comment!

  13. Love it, good stuff.

  14. Damn those were some good beats... Thanks for sharing :D

  15. always loved the story of the amen break, cool stuff.