Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bachelors Of Science

Bachelors Of Science have some great music although I don't listen to a lot of their music the tracks I do listen to are amazing, I only have some old tracks of theirs well guess this is my time to get some fresh Bachelors Of Science music in my life!
Although I do listen to their YouTube channel from time to time check it out see what you think!

This being one of my favourite 1hour mix to listen to By Bachelors Of Science
(featured in my post Playlists Pt.2)

Here's their channel
Bachelors Of Science Channel

Playlist below

Here's some tracks for you to preview

Song For Lovers                               Spanish Sun                                The Ice Dance

Ripsaw                                                 The Beautiful Life                         Warehouse Dayz

Hope you enjoyed
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  1. Love their music. Thanks man!!

  2. Like the Spanish sun, for some reason, thanks for sharing!

  3. They definitely make some intersting music. I just lol'ed at the table of chemistry play on their logo.

  4. i've never heard of these guys before. pretty good though. going on my ipod as we speak~

  5. As I see a few of their tracks is evolving with every loop. Also good drum loops. Thanks! ;)

  6. Love their music, one of my favorites :)