Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Future Prophecies

Future Prophecies were one of the first few DJs I got introduced to tracks like Final Fantasy, September, Plastic Dreams, Rage and Dreadlock, Black Dragon, 417 and many more all still up there with my favourite tunes. September + Plastic Dreams being my favourite two out of the 2.5 hours of Future Prophecies tracks on my iTunes still listen to them regularly.
I probably need to expand my collection (get full albums) still not looked around much I was more than happy with the music I had of theirs (still am) listened to some on YouTube but that's about it.
Any recommendations to listen to please let me know :)

September                                         Final Fantasy                                    Plastic Dreams

Dreadlock                                            Rage                                              Black Dragon


  1. Get full album, definitely worth it

  2. Sweet, my favorite one was Rage! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I like the songs,final fantasy is great

  4. Nice songs :3 I like your blog!