Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More DNB Channels

Dnb Channles Part 2

I think its time for more dnb channels!
Mainly Liquid!
Lets get to it

First up is pandadnb post various dnb mixes from 1min to 1 hour+ long


Currently got this playing as i type this love it. Its 1:11:11 long!

Heres liquicitys channel some very nice songs on here

Here some energetic & mellow playlists for you!



And now i would like to leave you with some more of my favourite tracks!

This is 3 of my all time favourites and majestic just uploaded Future Prophecies - September today!

Logistics - Blackout

Logistics - The Trip


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Amen Break

Dnb Channels And Playlists Pt.1

Feel free to leave a comment!


  1. nice, my friends are into dnb i'll show'em this.

  2. clicked logistics cause it had boobs :P but sounded good :)

  3. decent shit here actually! You found some gold, sir.

  4. This stuff just makes me want to break furniture.

  5. nice..but what about some darker dnb next time hm? :)

  6. I love liquid and Liquicity. It's so much better for home listening. Sure if I'm at a rave or Hospitality I'd rather hear some jungle or jump up but still.